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Raw :iconkan0a:KAN0A 1 2
I am not the Internet
I checked out your heart
Cable in, Modem out. I've
upgraded alone
:iconkan0a:KAN0A 4 1
Science of Sleep
Who do we become when we sleep?
...You don't get what I mean.
Where does "me" go?
Where do these ticks, talks, traits, troubles, tears, tickles, turns, and tocks go?
Where did she go?
For years she slept right beside me and I'll never know
    Where she went when her insides showed
    and her worries sank low
    and her wings would grow
    And over the skirr I would tell her I love her
       when I couldn't sleep
       but she wouldn't reply.
Not a breath, not a wink, stir nor sigh
But one night I tries something new
    Call it a mind game or a Freudian choice
    but I told her I didn't love her...
        And that morning she cried.
        She kept my thumb from her leaking eye
:iconkan0a:KAN0A 4 3
I Wish
You know I wish?
I wish math were more like a puzzle game.
    I wish that every sign weren't the same
    That the numbers would glow or burst into flame
    Some kind of feedback so I know what to blame
        when I reach the final level and my answer is lame
I wish I could modify my pencil to draw the perfect signs
    I wish I could open doors when I draw the right lines
    Search the back page for something to find
    When I get stuck perhaps rewind time
    or Draw a hole in the top and let some tools fall in
You wouldn't need much level design, the work is cut out
    Algebra's World One.
    Geometry's Two.
    Trigonometry is the Water Temple.
    You gain powers and skill so that you're not screwed
:iconkan0a:KAN0A 6 5
Life is a Highway
"You're beautiful"... that's all you have you say...
and you can't get away
From their new nagging doubt
"What was that all about?"
Is all they can think
And the relationship sinks
and when I start to pout
I'm actu'ly holding a shout
cause I don't get it!
Isn't it what you've always wanted to hear?
Did I stutter? Did I sneer?
Do I like you? As a friend.
Do I love you? That depends.
As a sister for sure
But I can't say any more than that.
'Cause if "You're beautiful"s bad enough
What would "I like you" do?
Since when does Like put you out on a limb?
Since when does a compliment send my mind for swim
for hours about whether I should just hold it in
Or leave it at a grin that I hope is mirrored across your chin
Is it better to burst or lose a friend?
Is a compliment worth never seeing you again?
And why does it have to mean cardiac arrest?
"I like you"s like a car with out Neutral.
It's only forward or backward from here.
Since when is love something I should fear?
But these days it s
:iconkan0a:KAN0A 3 2
Subject :iconkan0a:KAN0A 1 0 Maybe if I don't move... :iconkan0a:KAN0A 6 6
Can't sleep. Then again,
I'm not even trying... That
Might be a good start.
:iconkan0a:KAN0A 2 12
Travel :iconkan0a:KAN0A 0 0 Welcome Wallpaper :iconkan0a:KAN0A 1 2 Economic :iconkan0a:KAN0A 4 3 50x50 :: Self Portrait :iconkan0a:KAN0A 4 4 dA Logo Icon :iconkan0a:KAN0A 2 3 50x50 :: YouTube :iconkan0a:KAN0A 5 6 50x50 :: AIM 6 :iconkan0a:KAN0A 4 2 50x50 :: Eye Chart :iconkan0a:KAN0A 2 1

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escape :icondetail24:detail24 595 136
To Make An Angel
She's had thirteen years of nothing but tears; left alone in this world with no one to love, no one to love her. Though she dreamt of an angel who held her close and whispered words of encouragement to her. He had come to her when she was 14, holding her in his arms, whispering his comfort to her. She wished he was real, that she could actually touch him, but she knew she never would. Three years passed and still her angel came to her when she slept. She lived for her dreams now, never bothering with boys who asked to see her. Her angel was all she needed. Sometimes he just held her, other times they talked. Sometimes he took her places she literally could only dream of, other times they were familiar places. She had grown to love her angel and still she wished he was real.
Then it so happened, her art teacher gave the class an assignment, to create whatever they wanted; each student could make their own projects. She thought all day on what to make, but couldn't decide until that nigh
:iconseraphs-rage:Seraphs-Rage 4 7
Castaway :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 2,831 325 seraph :iconsirama:Sirama 3 5 Trees,... :iconhells-own-dark-one:Hells-own-dark-one 2 13
Hugs, Please
Hugs are Instruments
Used For Showing Affection
Wish I Got More Hugs
:iconcommanderofmuchforce:Commanderofmuchforce 3 3
do you dream of me?
i've been looking at
my eyelids all day, hoping
for a glimpse of you.
:iconanothervodkastinger:anothervodkastinger 4 3
not soon
not far away
not tomorrow.
:iconsirama:Sirama 1 2
.autumn.snow. :iconnoah-kh:noah-kh 7,186 419 :surprise: :iconleoleonardo:LeoLeonardo 338 66 will you? :iconsirama:Sirama 7 15
Mature content
Angel on the Dance Floor :iconseraphs-rage:Seraphs-Rage 1 2
The Angel
I wake screaming from my nightmare
and I find The Angel here waiting,
watching me;
a blue-black luminesce surrounding him
like a dark, comforting halo
but when he reached for me,
I flinched away, crawling to the floor;
andwith a shaking voice whispered:
He held his hand out to me, saying:
"Stand little sprite;
do not fear me, for I am no god."
I could only crawl to his feet and there,
remaining on hands and knees,
eyes to the floor, I said:
"I know you could not be a god,
for no gods love me.
But you have been an Angel to me,
waiting in the shadows,
when all my other angels left me."
He knelt down in front of me
and took my head in his hand,
lifting up my chin, and when our eyes met,
tears streamed down my face.
He kissed each one away and said to me:
"Be strong little sprite, for I have been with you
and I will not leave you here, alone."
He picked me up in his arms and said:
"I have been your Angel, your guardian.
When you are strong, I walk beside you
and when you are weak,
:iconseraphs-rage:Seraphs-Rage 1 3
:OvercomeYourself: :iconugghhzilla:Ugghhzilla 1,003 339



"Free One"
United States
But I haven't been up to late
But I'm getting bored so you never know
What potentially I could create!
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